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Description level: 1979 - Possibilità e limiti della pragmatica 
Title: 01. Pragmatics and Pragmatism / Pragmatica e epistemologia . . .
Keywords: Pragmatica
Related Event: Possibilità e limiti della pragmatica 
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9 luglio 1979
- David E.Cooper (Surrey) : Pragmatics and Pragmatism
- P. Leonardi (Padova) - M. Santambrogio (Bologna) : Pragmatica e epistemologia
- Francois Recanati (EHESS, Parigi) : Les niveaux de l'analyse pragmatique
- J.Allwood (Goteborg) : Rules and units in speech interaction
- Robin N. Campbell (Wassenaar) : Neo-conceptualism and the problem of understanding
- W. Kummer (Bielefeld) : Pragmatically based grammar
- H. Haberland (Roskilde) - T. Skutnabb-Kangas (Roskilde e Finnish Academy) : Political determinants of pragmatic and sociolinguistic choices
- Nicolas Fotion (Atlanta) : I bet you 10 dollars that betting is not a speech act
- F. Hundsnurscher (Münster) : Insisting
- J. M. Vincent - Marelli (Sussex) - C. Castelfranchi (Napoli) : The act of deception
- G. Nunberg (Los Angeles) : Idealization in syntax vs idealization in semantics
- R. Oehrle (Tucson) : Common problems in the theory of anaphora and the theory of discourse
- A. Verhagen (Amsterdam) : Pragmatic markedness and syntax: in view of a case study on adverbials

10 luglio 1979
- W.Abraham (Groningen) : A proposal for a systematic pragmatics
- D. Parisi e C. Castelfranchi (CNR, Roma) : A goal analysis of some pragmatic aspects of language
- Paul Gochet (Liegi) : Montague et la pragmatique formelle
- G. Gazdar (Sussex) : Presuppositions under negation
- Ch. Travis (Calgary) : How to be a referent
- D. Vanderveken (Québec) : Remarques philosophiques sur la logique intensionnelle
- I. Tonisson (Stanford) : Pragmatics: a part of the theory of language or the theory of action
- M. Moneglia (Firenze) : Semantic and pragmatic problems of verbal tense
- R. Zuber (CNRS, Parigi) : Métalangage et phénomènes pragmatiques
- J. Rehbein (Bochum) : Empirical analysis of action and speech
- E. Gülich (Bielefeld) : Actes de langage dans des suites communicatives institutionnellement réglées
- Marina Mizzau (Bologna) : Pragmatica linguistica e pragmatica relazionale
- Diane Brockway (Londra) : Semantic constraints on relevance
- V. Sorensen (Aarhus) : Coherence as a pragmatic concept
Producing entity (organization): Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e di Linguistica
Authors: Cooper, David E.  (Relatore)
Leonardi, Paolo  (Relatore)
Santambrogio, Marco  (Relatore)
Recanati, Francois  (Relatore)
Allwood, Jens  (Relatore)
Campbell, Robin  (Relatore)
Kummer, Werner  (Relatore)
Haberland, Hartmut  (Relatore)
Skutnabb-Kangas, Tove  (Relatore)
Hundsnurscher, Franz  (Relatore)
Fotion, Nicolas  (Relatore)
Vincent-Marrelli, Jocelyne M.  (Relatore)
Nunberg, Geoffrey  (Relatore)
Oehrle, Richard T.  (Relatore)
Verhagen, Arie  (Relatore)
Parisi, Domenico  (Relatore)
Abraham, Werner  (Relatore)
Castelfranchi, Cristiano  (Relatore)
Gochet, Paul  (Relatore)
Gazdar, Gerald  (Relatore)
Travis, Charles  (Relatore)
Vanderveken, Daniel  (Relatore)
Tonisson, Ivar  (Relatore)
Moneglia, Massimo  (Relatore)
Zuber, R.  (Relatore)
Rehbein, Jochen  (Relatore)
Gülich, Elisabeth  (Relatore)
Mizzau, Marina  (Relatore)
Brockway, Diane  (Relatore)
Sorensen, Viggo  (Relatore)
Culture: Cinematografico
Place: Urbino 
Country: Italia 
City: Urbino 
Province: PU
Start Date: 9-Jul-1979
End Date: 10-Jul-1979
Language: Italiano, Francese, Inglese
Keywords: Pragmatica
Type: Audio
Physical type: Registrazione audio / solo voce
Duration: 02:46:21
Format: audio/mp3
Number of channels: Stereo
Sample rate: 44.1 KHz
Bit sample: 16 bit
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Medium: Nastro magnetico (bobina)
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Digital tools: OTARI MX-55 Behringer Mixer XENYX X1222 Komplete Audio 6 Ableton live rel. 11
Project: Attività di acquisizione digitale dell'Archivio sonoro dell'Istituto di Semiotica 
Related documents: 00. Materiale del convegno
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