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Description level: 1979 - Possibilità e limiti della pragmatica 
Title: 04. Phenomenological analysis of language and its application to time and tense / Computer models of speech acts must explicate something / . . .
Keywords: Pragmatica
Related Event: Possibilità e limiti della pragmatica 
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13 luglio 1979
- G. N. Leech (Lancaster) : Pragmatics and conversational rhetoric
- Susan Ervin-Tripp (Berkeley) : How to recognize or choose a directive
- Fr. Latraverse (Montréal) : La délimitation du sémantique et la caractérisation du sens
- L. H. Horn (Madison) : Some problems with conversational implicature
- G. Fauconnier (Parigi VII) : Y a-t-il une frontière entre sémantique et pragmatique?
- Ch. Kock (Copenhagen) : The contribution of pragmatics to the understanding of linguistic competence
- A. Kasher (Tel Aviv) : Pragmatic universals: Wittgenstein, Grice and Dummett
- Guido Morpurgo - Tagliabue (Trieste) : Logica e Pragmatica
- J. Poulain (Montréal) : La pertinence actuelle d'une pragmatique anthropobiologique et ses limitations historiques
- K. Aijmer (Goteborg) : Pragmatic aspects of epistemic modality
- B. de Cornulier (Dakar) : Indirect mood markers
- T. Wootton (York) : The organization of initial request turns in the request sequences of young children with their parents
- I. Poggi - C. Castelfranchi - D. Parisi (CNR, Roma) : Answers, replies and reactions

14 luglio 1979
- H. Schnelle (Bochum) : Phenomenological analysis of language and its application to time and tense
- Y. Wilks (Essex) : Computer models of speech acts must explicate something
- J. Petöfi - Fr.Recanati (EHESS, Parigi) : Les niveaux de l'analyse pragmatique
Producing entity (organization): Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e di Linguistica
Authors: Schnelle, Helmut  (Relatore)
Wilks, Yorick  (Relatore)
Petofi, Janos  (Relatore)
Heydrich, Wolfgang  (Relatore)
Culture: Didattico
Place: Urbino 
Country: Italia 
City: Urbino 
Province: PU
Start Date: 13-Jul-1979
End Date: 14-Jul-1979
Language: Italiano, Francese, Inglese
Keywords: Pragmatica
Type: Audio
Physical type: Registrazione audio / solo voce
Duration: 01:15:27
Format: audio/mp3
Number of channels: Stereo
Sample rate: 44.1 KHz
Bit sample: 16 bit
Tools: Registratore a bobine portatile
Medium: Nastro magnetico (bobina)
Preservation state: buono
Digital tools: Registratore a bobine OTARI MX-55 Behringer Mixer XENYX X1222 Komplete Audio 6 Ableton live rel. 11
Related documents: 00. Materiali del convegno
Appears in Collections:Archivio sonoro del Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e di Linguistica

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