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Description level: 1979 - Possibilità e limiti della pragmatica 
Title: 03. Pragmatic issues in the construction of recent history from interview narratives / Pragmatics and causal theoretical aspects of semantics / . . .
Keywords: Pragmatica
Related Event: Possibilità e limiti della pragmatica 
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12 luglio 1979
- Aaron V. Cicourel (San Diego) : Pragmatic issues in the construction of recent history from interview narratives
- Dennis W. Stampe (Madison) : Pragmatics and causal theoretical aspects of semantics
- Emanuel Schegloff (Wassenaar) : You can't imagine how people talk?
- David Holdcroft (Warwick) : Speech acts and conversation
- Stephen Levinson (Cambridge) : Speech acts and conversational structure
- Franca Orletti (Roma) : Classroom verbal interaction: a conversational analysis
- Jeroen Groenendijk - M. Stokhof (Amsterdam) : Epistemic pragmatics
- Johan van der Auwera (Antwerp) : On the semantics and pragmatics of empirical sentential logic
- Dietmar Zaefferer (Monaco) : Possibilities of a modeltheoretically based pragmatics: the interpretation of sentence mood
- Cristina Burani (Bologna) : Inferenze per capire e farsi capire
- Reinhard Meyer-Hermann (Bielefeld) : Metacommunication and its function in discourse
- Günther Grewendorf (Berlino) : Ein entscheidungstheoretischer Vorschlag zur pragmatischen Analyse von Antworten
- John C. Heritage (Warwick) : On demonstrations of understanding in conversation
- Dorothea Franck (Amsterdam) : Grammar, rhetoric and conversation
- Andy Rogers (Kiew) : Taking speech acts seriously

13 luglio 1979
- G. N. Leech (Lancaster) : Pragmatics and conversational rhetoric
- Susan Ervin-Tripp (Berkeley) : How to recognize or choose a directive
- Fr. Latraverse (Montréal) : La délimitation du sémantique et la caractérisation du sens
- L. H. Horn (Madison) : Some problems with conversational implicature
- G. Fauconnier (Parigi VII) : Y a-t-il une frontière entre sémantique et pragmatique?
- Ch. Kock (Copenhagen) : The contribution of pragmatics to the understanding of linguistic competence
- A. Kasher (Tel Aviv) : Pragmatic universals: Wittgenstein, Grice and Dummett
- Guido Morpurgo - Tagliabue (Trieste) : Logica e Pragmatica
- J. Poulain (Montréal) : La pertinence actuelle d'une pragmatique anthropobiologique et ses limitations historiques
- K. Aijmer (Goteborg) : Pragmatic aspects of epistemic modality
- B. de Cornulier (Dakar) : Indirect mood markers
- T. Wootton (York) : The organization of initial request turns in the request sequences of young children with their parents
- I. Poggi - C. Castelfranchi - D. Parisi (CNR, Roma) : Answers, replies and reactions
Producing entity (organization): Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e di Linguistica
Authors: Cicourel, Aaron V.  (Relatore)
Stampe, Dennis W.  (Relatore)
Schegloff, Emmanuel A.  (Relatore)
Holdcroft, David  (Relatore)
Levinson, Stephen  (Relatore)
Orletti, Franca  (Relatore)
Groenendijk, Jeroen  (Relatore)
Auwera, Johan van der  (Relatore)
Zaefferer, Dietmar  (Relatore)
Burani, Cristina  (Relatore)
Meyer-Hermann, Reinhard  (Relatore)
Grewendorf, Günther  (Relatore)
Heritage, John C.  (Relatore)
Franck, Dorothea  (Relatore)
Rogers, Andy  (Relatore)
Leech, Geoggrey N.  (Relatore)
Ervin-Tripp, Susan  (Relatrice)
Latraverse, Francois  (Relatore)
Horn, Laurence H.  (Relatore)
Fauconnier, Gilles  (Relatore)
Kock, Christian  (Relatore)
Kasher, Asa  (Relatore)
Morpurgo-Tagliabue, Guido  (Relatore)
Poulain, Jacques  (Relatore)
Aijmer, Karin  (Relatore)
Cornulier, Benoit de  (Relatore)
Wootton, Tony  (Relatore)
Atkinson, Maxwell  (Relatore)
Poggi, Isabella  (Relatrice)
Schnelle, Helmut  (Relatrice)
Wilks, Yorick  (Relatore)
Petöfi, János S.  (Relatore)
Heydrich, Wolfgang  (Relatore)
Culture: Culturale
Place: Urbino 
Country: Italia 
City: Urbino 
Province: PU
Start Date: 12-Jul-1979
End Date: 13-Jul-1979
Language: Italiano, Francese, Inglese
Keywords: Pragmatica
Type: Audio
Physical type: Registrazione audio / solo voce
Duration: 02:52:27
Format: audio/mp3
Number of channels: Stereo
Sample rate: 44.1 KHz
Bit sample: 16 bit
Tools: Registratore a bobine portatile
Medium: Nastro magnetico (bobina)
Preservation state: buono
Digital tools: Registratore a bobine OTARI MX-55 Behringer Mixer XENYX X1222 Komplete Audio 6 Ableton live rel. 11
Project: Attività di acquisizione digitale dell'Archivio sonoro dell'Istituto di Semiotica 
Related documents: 00. Materiali del convegno
Appears in Collections:Archivio sonoro del Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e di Linguistica

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