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PreviewArchival UnitIssue DateStart DateEnd DateTitleAuthor(s)Description levelPhysical type
1013_002_031_001.jpg.jpg318-Feb-1899--Art and Book Company a Sabatier PaulSabatier, Paul ; Art and Book Company B.013 - F.002 - 1899, febbraio Foglio
2012_003_010_001.jpg.jpg105-Dec-1898--Fischbacher G. a Art and Book CompanyArt and Book Company ; Fischbacher, G. B.012 - F.003 - 1898, dicembre Foglio
3012_003_009_001.jpg.jpg95-Dec-1898--Sabatier Paul a Art and Book CompanySabatier, Paul ; Art and Book Company B.012 - F.003 - 1898, dicembre Foglio